How You Save

As an example on the table below, if you purchase a set of dumbbells up to 25 lbs, the set would include two each of 25’s, 20’s, 15’s, 10’s and 5 lb. dumbbells.  At $1.00/lb., you would spend $ 150.00 to own that set (see bottom of chart below).  If you add Dumbbell Connect to this dumbbell set, you now have 30’s to workout with (25’s + 5’s), 35’s (25’s + 10’s), 40’s (25’s + 15’s) and 45’s (25’s + 20’s).  Alternatively, if you were to purchase the individual dumbbell pairs of 30’s, 35’s, 40’s, and 45’s to have the same net weight available to work out with, you would need to spend an additional $300.00.

For dumbbell exercises such as one arm bent over rows, squats, calf raises, shoulder shrugs, bench press, farmer's carry and steps, the lighter dumbbells may not challenge these muscle groups for you.  With the addition of Dumbbell Connect, you can have the weight of the heavier dumbbells without having to own them.